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Our Top Temporary Fencing Tips and Guides

Do you need temporary fencing for your construction site? No two fences are the same and working out exactly what kind of fencing you need can be confusing. As experts in temporary fencing, we know what type of fencing works best for a variety of different locations, including pool fencing, long-term construction site fencing, temporary emergency fencing and more.

We’ve put together this quick guide to help you get started and choose the type of fencing that’s right for you:

Temporary Pool Fencing

As required by law, swimming pools must be fenced in Australian homes. This also applies when the pool is still under construction if the pool contains water with a depth of at least 30cm. Temporary fencing will be needed if you are building a pool in your yard in order to provide adequate safety to those in your home, especially if you have any young children running around.

As a rough guide, the fencing should be at least 1.2m high, the gate should be self-closing and self-latching to prevent it from staying open, the safety barrier must fence in the pool or spa completely and openings at the bottom of the fence must be no bigger than 100mm.

Find out more about Ahoy Hire’s temporary pool fencing service here.

When is Temporary Fencing Required?

While temporary fencing is always recommended during construction, at times it is also required by law. It’s highly important to ensure that you are always following government rules while undergoing construction, and temporary fencing is often a crucial part of staying in line with regulations. For construction sites, temporary fencing is important in the interest public safety and to prevent unauthorised access to the site.

Work Safe Victoria provides some guidelines to installing fencing around a construction site, suggesting that they should be at least 1.8m high, gates and joints should be securely connected, the fencing should be strong enough to withstand forces such as extreme weather and the fences need to be difficult to climb over or under. A solid fencing will deter trespassers, keep the public safe and protect the construction site itself.

Types of Temporary Fencing

Not all fencing is the same and the type of fencing that you need will depend on the site it is protecting. On a construction site, temporary mesh fencing is the suggested solution as it meets all requirements and regulations. Mesh fencing can easily keep intruders and members of the public out of construction areas. Anti-climb galvanised welded mesh can add an extra layer of security for high-risk construction sites.

Prevent injury or harm when building a pool with specialised temporary pool fencing. Along with the risk of drowning, Australia has strict fencing laws when it comes to pools and ensuring your temporary pool fencing meets these requirements is essential.

When holding large scale events, fencing can be used to direct crowds and prevent unwanted guests from sneaking in. Temporary fencing can divide areas within the larger event, organise unruly groups and withstand large numbers of people. As an event organise you should make sure your fencing is durable enough to meet these needs.

Reasons You Might Need Emergency Temporary Fencing

In an emergency, you might need temporary fencing that can be quickly erected until a more permanent solution is found. This could be to protect the public from a hazard in the event of a natural disaster, to contain a construction site, protect equipment and more.

Ahoy Hire provides convenient 24/7 service so if you suddenly need fencing in an emergency we can be contacted right away. Our fences are easy to build, very strong and sturdy and leave no damage behind when they are packed away.

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