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Construction Hire Equipment

Ahoy Hire never imposes a minimum or maximum hire period for any of its construction industry hire equipment. However, there is a standard charge for delivery and pick-up of every item.
Ahoy Hire does not impose a minimum or maximum hire size for any of its construction hire equipment. There are, however, standard charges for delivery and pick-up for each item.
No – Ahoy Hire’s temporary power pole price does not include the power connection fee. You will need to contact your power company to have your power connected. Every power company charges a different connection fee. You will need to pay the connection fee directly to your power company.
Ahoy Hire is able to install the power pole for you. Ahoy Hire’s electrician then performs a test and his inspector performs and inspection. The paperwork is then sent to your chosen power provider who will then send information to the linesman who is then responsible for connection and maintenance.
Upon request, Ahoy Hire can organise same day delivery. Please note that this may come at an additional cost.
Ahoy Hire offers both rubbish cage hire and skip bin hire. Rubbish cages are available in two sizes and are a more affordable alternative to skip bins, offering larger space per dollar value for waste removal for a construction site. However, skip bins are available in four sizes and are suitable for three different types of waste: general waste, heavy/builder waste, and prohibited materials.
Yes – Ahoy Hire goes to great lengths to ensure ethical disposal of waste that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. The waste is taken to a council-approved, EPA-licensed processing facility. Ahoy Hire also go to the extra lengths of sorting through waste to remove metal, wood and bricks.

Ahoy Hire’s crossover protection is made from hardwood timber and is held together with steel strapping. They fulfil council requirements and are incredibly durable and able to withstand extreme weights.

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. It’s a system where TV signals are transmitted privately so they can be monitored for security reasons. They also record footage that can be viewed at a later date if required.
Ahoy Hire offer a range of options to optimise your site security, including high quality fencing and CCTV cameras. These measures can help to protect your bottom line by safeguarding your assets, preventing break-ins, stopping false injury claims, monitoring tradesman activity levels, and viewing on-site deliveries.

Portable Toilets

Yes – Ahoy Hire are able to offer on-site pump and clean services for portable toilets to ensure freshness and comfort. Ahoy Hire also offer 24/7 emergency port-a-loo cleaning call-out services.
How often you clean a port-a-loo will depend on how many people are using the portable toilet and how often. In general, the recommended timeframes are: monthly for 1-3 people, fortnightly for 4-6 people, weekly for 6-12 people, and by arrangement for more than 12 people.
Our portable toilets are suitable for all kinds of events, including festivals, concerts, sporting events, markets, parties and weddings. Speak to our friendly team to discuss how we can cater for your event.
We recommend one toilet for every 50 people at your event. However, there are variables that can change this calculation, such as the ratio of men to women and whether you are serving alcohol at your event. Speak with us to determine the right number for your needs.
We provide fully accessible disabled portable toilets for hire. Our premium fleet of disabled portable toilets include a range of special features that make them easy-to-use and accessible for people with a range of disabilities, including safety rails, self-closing doors and a wide turning circle inside.
Whether you need 1, 20, or more portable toilets, there are no strict minimum or maximum hire limits with our services. We can accommodate your needs based on availability. To ensure we can meet your specific requirements, we encourage you to contact us in advance. Our team will work with you to provide the right number of toilets for your event or project.
Emptying a portable toilet involves pumping out the waste from the holding tank. This waste is then transported off site. We use environmentally responsible waste management practices, including taking all waste to a council approved, EPA licensed wastewater processing facility.
Our premium portable toilets include a range of helpful features for comfort and safety, including non-slip floors, lockable doors, ventilation, hand basins, labels for male and female toilets and modern freshwater flushes.

Temporary Fencing

Ahoy Hire’s temporary fencing hire is suitable for a wide range of situations, buildings and sites. This includes fire damaged homes, flood affected areas, property containment, equipment protection, swimming pool containment, safety barriers and more.
Temporary fencing is typically required in situations when you need to secure an area prior to permanent fencing being put in place or on a temporary basis only. This includes building sites, outdoor events, and more.
Ahoy Hire offer two different types of temporary fencing: anti-climb galvanised welded mesh and diamond link. Both temporary fencing hire options fulfil OH&S requirements and are able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
By law, all swimming pools and spas with a depth greater than 30cm must have temporary fencing while under construction. This includes before the pool has any water in it.

Site Sheds

Our premium site sheds are delivered fully intact and ready to go. We will work with you to arrange a date and time for delivery. The shed arrives on a 9m long tray truck with crane. The truck needs to be able to get relatively close to the final position of your site shed to place it correctly. Our experienced delivery drivers have tools that allow us to use leverage bars and rollers to shift the shed into place.

We have two sizes of shed:

  • 3.6m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 2.4m (H)
  • 6m (L) x 2.4m (W) x 2.4m (H)
Our portable sheds are suitable for a wide range of uses, including on building sites as a site office, lunch room, meeting room, and storage room; as an at home office or workspace for people who work from their properties; and as additional storage spaces.
Our sheds include a range of premium features for comfort and ease of use, including being fully lockable, insulated, air conditioned and structurally engineered. They also have aluminium windows and a kitchen with table and chairs.
Our portable shed hire starts from $110 (inc GST) per week.
Shed hire is available on a weekly or monthly basis.


Yes, Ahoy Hire offer obligation-free quotes which can be accessed through a form on our website.

All of Ahoy Hire’s prices and quotes are inclusive of GST.