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At Ahoy Hire, every project is a testament to our expertise, flexibility, and commitment to client satisfaction. Whether you’re faced with an emergency or planning a major event, we’re here to provide tailored solutions in Melbourne and beyond. Here are some examples of our projects.

building collapse temporary fence

Addressing Unanticipated Gaps and Safety Concerns

Demolitions, car accidents, or construction mishaps can often leave properties exposed or insecure. One such incident saw a next-door house demolition that took down an adjoining fence, leaving a void. Ahoy Hire promptly addressed the situation, setting up a temporary fence along with optional shade cloths for added privacy. This ensured children and pets remained safe, and the property was shielded from prying eyes.

Preserving New Grass From Eager Paws

Freshly laid grass requires patience, and even more so when curious pets are around. To ensure that a newly grassed backyard had the time to flourish undisturbed, we set up temporary fencing. This allowed the grass to establish roots without the risk of playful pets causing unintentional harm.

Navigating Site Shed Installations With Precision

Some sites pose unique challenges, demanding unconventional solutions. In a particularly tricky site, a client required a site shed, but conventional methods were unfeasible. Leveraging our expertise, we utilised a crane, using the site shed's built-in lifting rod to navigate it over fences and into its desired position. This tailored approach underscores our commitment to overcoming obstacles efficiently.

juicy fest

JuicyFest: Crafting Artist Comfort

JuicyFest was a celebration of music and arts, and behind the scenes, Ahoy Hire played a pivotal role. We installed several 6x3 standard site sheds, which were transformed into green rooms. These provided a comfortable space for artists to relax, prepare, and deliver their best performances.

Event Set-Up in Cremorne

Events demand precision, timing, and reliable equipment. For an event in Cremorne, Ahoy Hire's contribution was indispensable. We set up a comprehensive temporary fence system, ensuring event security and crowd management. Additionally, our provision of portable toilets ensured attendees had essential amenities available.

temporary dog pen fence

Restricting A Dog For Its Own Protection

When a lovely dog suffered from a torn ACL, its mobility became a pressing concern. Despite its urge to dash about at every slight distraction, the safety of the dog was paramount. Ahoy Hire was quick to respond, installing a temporary fence, creating a secure confined space, and preventing further injury to the canine.

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