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Tree Protection During Construction

In the hustle and bustle of construction, it’s not just the bricks and mortar that need consideration. Trees, particularly those on your nature strip, require safeguarding to ensure they remain unharmed during building activities.

Tree protection isn’t just an eco-conscious initiative; it’s a mandate by many city councils, underlining its importance in sustainable and responsible construction.

What is Tree Protection

Tree protection is the use of specific measures to shield trees, especially during construction or development. The goal is to prevent damage to the tree’s trunk, branches, roots, or surrounding soil. 

At Ahoy Hire, we understand the intricacies involved in protection of trees on development sites and offer dedicated solutions tailored to these needs.

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Why Councils Mandate Tree Protection

Every council might have varying regulations, but the essence remains the same: trees are invaluable assets to our environment and urban landscape. Protecting them during construction ensures:

  • Sustainability: Trees are vital for air purification, carbon absorption, and providing habitats.
  • Aesthetic Value: Mature trees enhance property values and beautify neighbourhoods.
  • Safety: Damaging trees can result in weak structures prone to falling during storms or windy conditions.

Most city councils stipulate that any work, irrespective of its scale, conducted around the house mandates tree protection to prevent inadvertent damage.

Ahoy Hire’s Solution for Tree Protection During Construction

With our vast experience in the building and construction industry, Ahoy Hire offers top-notch tree protection solutions. 

Our temporary fencing is designed to:

  • Ensure that the tree remains untouched during construction activities.
  • Provide a clear demarcation, warning builders about the presence of a tree.
  • Abide by council regulations, helping you avoid potential fines of up to $1200. 
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The Consequences of Overlooking Tree Protection

Ignoring the need for construction tree protection can lead to:

  • Financial Penalties: Councils can impose fines for damages to trees. These can be as steep as $1200 or even more depending on the degree of damage and the specific council’s regulations.
  • Ecological Impact: Damaged trees can lead to ecological imbalances, affecting local fauna and reducing air quality.

Why Choose Ahoy Hire?

At Ahoy Hire, we believe in proactive measures to ensure every aspect of a construction site, including our natural assets, remains safe and undamaged. Our tree protection solutions provide peace of mind, ensuring that your construction activities don’t adversely impact the environment or attract hefty fines.

Ahoy Hire was established 15 years ago and is a family owned and operated business. Our owner and director also has 40 years’ experience in the construction industry, and so intimately understands what a construction site needs to function safely and efficiently. It’s this extensive knowledge as well as our professionalism, reliability and friendliness which has allowed us to build up a fantastic reputation.

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