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Types of Temporary Fencing: The Ultimate Guide

Temporary fencing is a sensible and convenient solution for those who need to access quality fencing for short-term use. Fencing is often required to meet safety requirements or to protect certain areas or assets, but permanent fencing solutions are expensive and not practical for immediate use. Temporary fencing can be used quickly and easily, making it the perfect solution for a variety of needs.

Why Hire Temporary Fencing?

There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to erect a fence. Perhaps you’re fencing off private property, protecting valuable assets or equipment, or keeping people away from dangerous areas or hazardous materials. Sometimes a permanent fence is perfect for these uses, but when you want to keep people away from an area for a specific time period, a temporary fence is the more cost-effective and practical solution.

Building a permanent fence or similar barrier is difficult and time-consuming. The tools and materials required to build a fence – including timber, concrete, drills and more – can be expensive. As with any building project, it is advisable to leave constructing fences to the experts. A poorly made fence is likely to be ineffectual and may not withstand weather conditions or general daily use.

In contrast, erecting temporary fencing is easy and quick. Modern temporary fencing is made of durable materials and is as strong and sturdy as a permanent fencing solution, without the time and expense. Temporary fencing is portable by nature, so when it is no longer needed in a certain location, or if the situation changes, it can be quickly relocated.

Temporary fencing can be packed up and removed at the end of a project or event, leaving no lasting impact on the environment. Additionally, the materials used in the temporary fence are used again and again, unlike a permanent fencing solution which cannot be easily reused when it is dismantled.

Temporary Construction and Building Site Fencing

Construction sites require fencing for safety and compliance. Temporary fence mesh is the perfect solution when a building is in the construction phase, allowing the area to be fenced off before a permanent fencing solution is installed.

Building sites present a potential hazard to the community. Unfinished buildings can have unstable surfaces, exposed electrical wiring, and dangerous waste material. It is important that members of the public are kept out of these spaces so that they cannot injure themselves. Site mesh fencing is a must to keep intruders out of construction areas and prevent the risk of false injury claims.

Building teams with often leave valuable assets on a construction site overnight, including tools and equipment. Temporary mesh fencing keeps these assets safe from theft or from being used unsafely. Anti-climb galvanised welded mesh provides added security. It also prevents sites from being vandalised, which can jeopardise a project and cause unnecessary delays.

Temporary Pool Fencing

An empty swimming pool might not seem to pose much of a threat, but it is vital that any pool – completed or not – is fenced. While a pool is being constructed, temporary fencing is a sensible way to have a pool fence before your permanent fencing solution is ready to be built.

The law states that any pool in Australia must have a fence so long as it contains water at least 30cm in depth. Failure to meet this standard could lead to serious fines and even prosecution.

Small children can drown in only a small amount of water, so it is imperative that they are protected from falling into an unfinished swimming pool. Additionally, a deep empty swimming pool can pose a risk to adults – falling into a deep hole, especially one that has been concreted or tiled, can cause serious injuries. Above ground swimming pools also need a fence, as do spas or Jacuzzis.

If something happens to your permanent pool fence, such as weather damage or a broken lock on the gate, your fence may no longer be compliant. A temporary pool fence can act as an extra safeguard to ensure that no unsupervised access can occur while your fence is being repaired.

Temporary Fencing for Events

When hosting an outdoor event – such as a festival, sporting competition or large party – it’s a good idea to have clearly defined areas. This is especially true if your event is ticketed or if you want to separate groups of people (for example, musical acts from the spectators).

Temporary fencing makes running large-scale events easier. Quickly erect the required fencing on the day of the event and keep it standing for as long as required. It’s hardy enough to withstand even the most unruly crowds and adds a sense of order and direction. At the end of the event, temporary fencing can be easily taken down and removed, leaving no mark on the area.

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