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Practical Tips for Construction Site Security

Practical Tips for Construction Site Security

Looking for a way to improve your construction site security? Maybe you’re weighing up whether construction site security cameras are a worthy investment? Having poor site security can leave you open to theft, break-ins and vandalism of your worksite – all of which are highly inconvenient and can prove costly in both time and money. Not to mention the costs you could face for liability if a trespasser happened to injure themselves on your worksite.

Providing adequate security for your site when you clock off for the day is a simple but effective way to protect your assets. We’ve rounded up our top practical tips for construction site security.

CCTV Cameras

The unfortunate reality is that almost 68% of businesses experience equipment theft on their worksite. What’s worse is that these crimes are often perpetrated by the on-site workers. Installing temporary construction site security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your site 24/7. CCTV cameras will capture footage of your site that can be used to identify perpetrators, or even provide evidence for any liability or insurance claims made on your site.

By simply opting for a construction site security camera rental, you’ll also be actively working to deter would-be trespassers. Ahoy Hire’s high-quality CCTV cameras come with inbuilt lights and alarms to provide top-grade security for your construction site. There’s even a two-way audio system to allow remote communication with the onsite perpetrator in real-time.

High Fences

Fencing is an obvious must for construction sites. What you may not have considered though, is the height of your temporary fencing. Not only does a high fence provide more of an obstacle for trespassers to overcome, but it also obstructs the view of the worksite. This is beneficial as it conceals any potential valuables that may attract thieves, as well as preventing perpetrators from mapping out a more strategic theft or vandalism. Utilising locks with more complex locking mechanisms to secure your site at the close of a day will also prevent break-ins on site. Ahoy Hire can provide temporary fencing to enclose your site and keep your belongings secure at all times.

Store Tools in Site Cabins and Lockable Containers

Did you know that theft costs the construction industry upwards of $50 million each year? In addition to installing construction site security cameras, it’s important to ensure you’re locking away your tools in a secure location overnight. Temporary site offices and lockable containers are the most secure place to store your assets at the close of a day. Just ensure that you are the only one with the access code or key.

Locking away your tools can deter thieves from recognising your site as a target in addition to providing an added layer of protection to accessing your assets on site. Ahoy Hire have a range of temporary site offices for hire that provide ample storage for your tools. You can even bundle your construction site security camera rental and site office rental from the one supplier at Ahoy Hire.

Use Temporary Lighting

No thief wants to get caught, so make your site as unappealing as possible for potential perpetrators. Pairing your construction site security cameras with temporary site lighting can go a long way to deterring break-ins on your site. Plus, better lighting can help better identify any perpetrators captured on your CCTV footage. Whether you opt for basic sensory lights or round the clock illumination, the brighter your site the less likely it is to attract trespassers.

Security Guards

If you want to provide an extra layer of protection to your construction site, why not consider hiring security guards? Security guards are one of the strongest deterrents for trespassers. They can conduct routine inspections across the site, ensure all tools are securely stored and locks in place, and monitor for any suspicious activity in the surrounds. If onsite security isn’t a viable option, you can also employ a team to monitor your CCTV footage for you, keeping a close eye on all areas of larger constructions sites.

Befriend Your Neighbours

This might seem a little out of the box but having a trusting set of eyes on your site can prove helpful in the long run. Your local neighbours will likely be the ones to notice any unusual activity in the area or pick up on sounds coming from your site when you are not there. Get on good terms with your locals and keep them up to date on your working hours. That way, should anything go awry, they’ll be the first to let you know.

Get in touch with Ahoy Hire today to discuss your site security needs with a team of experienced professionals. Our friendly team can walk you through any site security camera and temporary fencing options, along with additional tips to protect your site.

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