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Reasons You Might Need Emergency Temporary Fencing

Emergency temporary fencing is a practical and cost-effective solution if you need to secure an area for a shorter amount of time than if you were to install permanent fencing.

As the name suggests, emergency temporary fencing is what you need when you require immediate installation of a fence due to the nature of the area you wish to protect. There are many reasons why you might need emergency temporary fencing, from protection of a construction site and equipment or swimming pool safety regulations, through to safety considerations related to an outdoor event.

Types of Emergency Temporary Fencing

Emergency temporary fencing comes in different shapes and sizes to suit the nature of the site. The common types of emergency temporary fencing are outlined below.

Property Containment

Worksites can often be at the mercy of trespassers and vandals, which is why temporary fencing offers extra security for peace of mind.

If you walk past a construction site, you may notice fencing around the perimeter. This is temporary fencing used for an array of reasons. Construction workers need to comply with the OH&S protocols to ensure contractors and passers-by are safe from any risks or hazards. They will generally display their safety signage on the temporary fencing so that it is easily visible.

Equipment Protection

Similarly, emergency temporary fencing can be used to protect equipment, particularly heavy machinery used in construction. Heavy machinery is hot property for thieves and vandals because it is expensive. Temporary fencing is a practical and easy solution when it comes to protecting equipment. Plus, our hinged gates enable users to customise the configuration of their fencing, ensuring that it suits your needs.

Outdoor Events

If you’re organising an event that is likely to attract a big crowd, like a festival, concert, sporting competition, or large party, then chances are you’ll need fencing to ensure public safety. Outdoor events require a lot of fencing for ticketed or exclusive areas. Temporary fencing not only stops unwanted people from accessing ticketed areas, it’s also the perfect place to hang all your signage.

Swimming Pool Containment

A sobering statistic is that small children (under the age of four) can drown in as little as 30 seconds. That is why there is a law in Australia that swimming pools must be properly fenced. This fencing requirement applies throughout the construction process. Basically, if the pool contains at least 30cm deep of water, it must be fenced.

So, during the construction process of a new pool or the refurbishment of an existing pool, if your permanent fencing becomes damaged or broken, emergency temporary fencing should be installed. This will ensure that you remain compliant with Australians law at all times.

Keeping the Public Safe

When a hazardous or dangerous site becomes apparent, such as a fire-affected property, emergency temporary fencing is imperative to ensure the public’s safety. When temporary fencing has been erected, pedestrians are less likely to injure themselves in or around the hazardous site. Even if the risk of pedestrians walking by is low, it is important to corner off the area so that the hazard is safely contained.

Benefits of Emergency Temporary Fencing

Quick and Easy to Install and Remove

When building a permanent fence, it can be time-consuming, costly and difficult to install. That is where temporary fencing comes in. The benefits of temporary fencing are limitless because it’s quick and easy to instal and pack down. Our temporary fences are built to withstand tough weather and impact with its durable but lightweight materials. Ahoy Hire is contactable 24/7 so if you require emergency temporary fencing, we can quickly accommodate your needs.

No Damage after Use

Temporary fencing can be easily dismantled after use, and it leaves no permanent damage to the site’s ground or to the environment. Our temporary fencing does not need foundations and no holes are required to be dug. The materials from our temporary fences are reusable, which is not the case with permanent fencing.

Ahoy Hire’s Emergency Temporary Fencing Service

We understand that emergencies crop up and temporary fencing must be installed at all kinds of hours. That is why we are available when you need us, 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our trained and friendly staff are here to assist you in the most responsive way possible to ensure you do not miss a beat with your work, affected site or event.

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