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Temporary Pool Fencing Requirements

It’s common knowledge that swimming pools in Australia must be fenced as a crucial safety requirement. But did you know that your pool must have temporary pool fencing in place while it’s still being constructed so long as it contains water at least 30cm in depth?

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the Victorian Building Authority’s rules and regulations regarding temporary pool fencing and safety so your pool does not present a hazard in your backyard or land you in trouble with fines and prosecution.

Why does my pool need a fence

Pools pose a serious risk to the youngest and most vulnerable members of our society. Very young children, aged 0-4, are most at risk. For children aged 5-14 years, it is just as common to drown in a swimming pool as it is to drown in a natural body of water. This risk is higher when there is no protective barriers around a pool to prevent children and those who can’t swim from accidentally falling in.

Supervising children when they’re outside and near a pool, particularly when they are very young, is important. But when it comes to pool safety, the best offence is a good defence, so ensure you are following safety barrier regulations if you’re installing a pool in your yard.

How do I know if my pool needs a fence?

Regardless of whether your pool is above ground, below ground, indoors, a Jacuzzi or a spa, if it contains water more than 30cm in depth then it must have fencing.

An example of a pool that would not be subject to temporary fencing requirements would be a small inflatable pool, for example, that requires no assembly, does not consist of multiple components and is relocatable.

Your local council or building surveyor will be able to advise you on your particular circumstances.

What are the fencing requirements?

To provide an idea of what’s required, we have compiled a list of just some of the pool barrier regulations. Note that this information is a guide only and not an exhaustive list.

  • The safety barrier must be a minimum of 1.2m high
  • The barrier gate must be self-closing and self-latching
  • The barrier gate should never be propped open
  • The safety barrier must fence in an outdoor pool or spa entirely, which means there cannot be direct access to the pool area via a door from a building
  • The safety barrier should be clear from any object, such as a tree, BBQ, table or chair, that a child could use to climb into the pool or spa area
  • Self-locking or self-latching devices on gates must be at least 1.5m high
  • Openings at the bottom of the fence must be no bigger than 100mm
  • Gates must swing outwards, away from the pool
  • Barriers should not be able to be easily pushed over or physically damaged thus reducing the effectiveness of the barrier
  • All swimming pool fencing regulations must be satisfied before the pool is filled
  • It is responsibility of the occupants and property owners to ensure safety barriers are maintained, repairs and kept in a functional condition.

For a further information on Victoria’s pool and spa temporary fencing laws, take a look at the Victorian Building Authority’s website.

Where can I get an appropriate fence?

For customers in Sunbury and the Melbourne metropolitan area, Ahoy Hire is able to provide fencing hire for a variety of purposes, including swimming pool construction sites. With 37 years of business experience, Ahoy Hire’s expansive knowledge of council requirements can be safely relied upon both to prevent any hazards or fines and to safeguard your assets.

We pride ourselves on our family-owned, reliable and professional reputation, and strive to meet your fencing needs with excellent service and an affordable price. Our fencing is approved by Occupational Health and Safety standards and comes in two different varieties – anti-climb galvanised welded mesh and diamond link – to match your specific needs.

For temporary fencing that can withstand strong winds, keep assets secure from theft and trespassing, safeguard dangerous areas and save you from Public Liability claims, contact Ahoy Hire today.

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