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How to Keep Your Portable Toilet Clean

Are you seeking ideas on how to keep your portable toilet clean? Luckily, the team at Ahoy Hire know the drill when it comes to keeping your portable loo in the perfect condition.

Our portable toilet cleaning is affordable, safe and efficient, which means you can take the long waits out of portaloo maintenance and keep operations running smoothly.

Every construction site, large event or operation has a portable toilet. They give you a place to go, so you can keep going on about your day with no fuss!

But with a great portaloo, comes great responsibility, and maintaining one of these isn’t so easy for first-timers.

We have over 40 years of experience working in the construction industry, and over 15 years operating as a family owned business. This means that you can rely on our experience, friendly nature and professional help for premium waste removal.


Pump It Out

The first step to a fresh portaloo is to pump out the existing gunk – this is something best left to the pros.

Our environmentally safe pumping services allow all waste materials to be sustainably removed for your convenience. We use government body approved practices that meet requirements from environmental groups and unions to unclog and dispose of waste in a healthy way.

Our portaloo hire options allow up to 400 litres of waste, but for safety, we like to make sure that the tank doesn’t exceed 50 per cent of its capacity before the next scheduled service. This keeps dangerous odours out of your worksite, and keeps our facilities in good nick.

WorkSafe guidelines also recommend that sewage tanks are pumped out on a frequent basis to avoid any odours and damage to the system. We go the extra mile to transport all waste to an approved and licensed processing facility.

For portaloo hire at building sites and other long term projects, we recommended emptying depending on the number of people using the facilities:

  • One to three people: monthly cleaning
  • Four to six people: fortnightly cleaning
  • Six to 12 people: weekly cleaning
  • 12 or more people: cleaning can take place by set arrangements.


If you experience any emergencies or other issues with your portaloo toilet hire, our pumping and emptying services are available on demand throughout metropolitan Melbourne.


Sanitise and Clean

A portaloo can be a tight squeeze at the best of times – that’s why we place extra care on cleaning the interior. After we’ve pumped out the mess, we clean, deodorise and remove any odours to guarantee that they’re brand spanking new for its next use.

Once we’ve removed any internal waste, our attention then shifts to sanitising the interior. We sanitise by paying close attention to the sink, toilet seat, door handles and other important areas to avoid germs and contamination. Our deep cleaning techniques will filter out any odd smells, and remove any damage to the interior of the portaloo.

During this time, Ahoy Hire will also inspect all pumps and components, and refill the 150 litre water holding tank. We also mop the non-slip floors and fix any damage.

We know that construction sites are busy and messy places, so we don’t neglect the exterior either. Our portable toilet cleaning services wipe down any dirt and marks on the exterior of the portaloo for presentation.


Ready to Go!

Now that all the hard work’s been done, your portaloo is ready for use. It’s important to keep a portable toilet well stocked, which is why we provide two toilet paper rolls for your convenience. We also test everything before letting you go, to assure you of our premium services.

Ahoy Hire can take care of the mess for your next project or event. We strive for excellence when it comes to our potty cleaning to guarantee that your portable toilet is perfectly clean and ready for use.

Our portaloo pump out services, alongside our rigorous cleaning and disinfecting, will make your loo as good as new.


Why Go With Ahoy Hire?

Our portable toilet hire services in Melbourne are second to none. Our portaloos are functional and fresh for your own personal use.

They also offer a range of other benefits, including:

  • Simple design for safety and ease of access
  • Non-slip floors
  • Hand basins
  • Signage for male and female
  • Lockable doors
  • Freshwater flush chemical toilets
  • Clear ventilation for premium comfort.


We are also proud to offer onsite installation, and delivery of our freshly cleaned and serviced portable toilets. This means that you don’t have to lift a finger when it comes to your portaloo, we do all the heavy work for you!


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