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COVID Safe Cleaning Practices for Portaloos

Ahoy Hire is committed to facilitating health and safety while the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) remains a risk. By ensuring we have stringent COVID safe cleaning practices in place for our portaloo hire, we are doing our bit to keep communities safe.

At Ahoy Hire, we understand that it is too early to become complacent. Instead, for the foreseeable future, we will be doing everything we can to minimise the spread of COVID-19. While businesses may be operating and events may be going ahead, this increases the need for responsible, COVID safe practices to ensure they do so safely.

If you are looking to hire portaloos for your worksite or event, Ahoy Hire offer premium portaloo hire in Melbourne along with COVID safe cleaning services.

How Are We Keeping Our Portaloos COVID Safe?

According to the Victorian Health Department, there is no scientific evidence to indicate that the recirculation of portable toilets presents a public health risk. However, this is only so long as portaloo hire companies to adhere to the national code of practice for portable toilet management.

Our portaloo hire is kept COVID safe with the following:

  • Separate independent cubicles free of communal spaces
  • 24/7 emergency call-out services within the Melbourne metropolitan area for cleaning, disinfecting and pumping our portaloos
  • Premium chemical treatment and emptying services as regularly as you desire
  • Expert advice on governmental hygiene and safety standards

About Our On-Site Pump and Clean Services

Our portaloo emptying and cleaning service is meticulously executed in order to dissipate any concerns you may have over the cleanliness and safety of your facilities. Our portaloo cleaning service includes:

  • Pumping and rinsing waste from the sewerage tank
  • Adding chemical treatments and deodoriser to the holding tank
  • Refill of the 150-litre water holding tank
  • Replenishing toilet rolls, soap and other hand disinfectants
  • Thorough chemical disinfection of the internal compartment, paying close attention to the door handles, sink, pump, floor, seat and bowl
  • Inspection of portaloo pumps and components to ensure they are in working condition
  • Repairing all defects
  • Wipe down of the portaloo’s exterior for presentation

Emergency Call Outs

24/7 on-site emergency pump and clean services continue to be available with our portaloo hire. With the possibility of spreading COVID-19 heightened by shared facilities, we are ready at all times to chemically clean and disinfect your portable toilets.

Our clients can request an emergency call out if they have any concerns about the cleanliness and safety of their portaloos. This may be because someone who has used one of the portable toilets has developed COVID-19 symptoms.

Our cleaning team will respond to your emergency call-out within the metropolitan Melbourne area as soon as we possibly can.

Environmentally Responsible Cleaning Services

The chemical treatment we use to disinfect our portaloos is free from formaldehyde deodorisers, which is a hazard to both human and environmental health. Instead, our chemical treatment is endorsed by all relevant environmental groups, unions and government bodies.

We also go the extra mile to dispose of waste at an EPA approved and licensed processing facility.

While COVID safe cleaning practices remain a priority, so too does minimise our environmental footprint wherever possible.

How We Are Adhering to the National Code of Practice?

Ahoy Hire’s cleaning practices meet the national code of practice outlined by the Hire and Rental Industry Association of Australia. This means we adhere to strict hygiene and safety protocol, not just for the portaloo users but for our personnel transporting, servicing and maintaining the portable toilets too.

Ahoy Hire follows WorkSafe’s recommendations for the frequency with which portaloos should be serviced. This means our sewage tanks are pumped out regularly enough to ensure the tank’s capacity is unlikely to exceed 50% before the next scheduled service. This helps to minimise odour and keeps our portaloos are functioning properly.

Why Choose Ahoy Hire for your Melbourne Portaloo Hire?

  • Our on-site portaloo cleaning and emptying services are carried out scrupulously by our experienced and capable team. We know exactly how to restore your portaloos to their most fresh, hygienic and functional state in no time.
  • Our commitment to the health and safety of our customers is second to none. That’s why we provide prompt, dependable and affordable cleaning and pump-out services around the clock.
  • Ahoy Hire has relied on our reputation for excellent equipment and service to keep us operating for over 40 years in the construction and building industry. By giving every job the utmost effort and attention, we are able to maintain the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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