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The Most Important Features To Look For In Site Security Cameras

In the construction industry, site security cameras are a crucial tool for monitoring would-be thieves.

Workplace theft is a widespread phenomenon in the construction and maintenance sectors. In fact, around 68 per cent of businesses have reported stolen equipment on any given project. Therefore, safety and surveillance is something not worth compromising on.

The cost of a construction site security camera rental is a fraction of the cost to replace damaged or stolen tools. It also grants you with peace of mind to operate a protected site effectively.

There are a range of features to consider when selecting a site security camera for your worksite.

Storage Capacity

Firstly, you will need to decide whether your site security cameras need to be continuously recording, or only recording for specific portions of the day.

Then, you will need to assess your storage options, which include:

  • Network or digital video recording
  • Home computer
  • Cloud storage
  • SD card

Each of these options hosts a suite of benefits. For example, an SD card can record short bursts of content when required. Alternatively, a home computer or cloud storage may be required for long-term, or continuous recordings.

Field Of View

There is no point in a site security camera if it is not capturing all surroundings.

Most security cameras operate with a field of view between 110° and 180°. This can make all the difference when you need to review crucial information.

Importantly, the field of view depends on where you are placing the camera. For example, if the camera is located in the corner of a worksite, then a 110° camera should do the trick.

Alternatively, you may wish to look at cameras with a wider scope of view, particularly if you are surveying the outside of a property.

Quality Of Vision

A construction site security camera rental should boast a high quality of vision. This will allow you to playback the recording and identify any thieves or suspected people on your site.

As a general rule, we recommend a video resolution of 1080p or higher. This will ensure that you have accurate detailing to identify people based on their facial features, clothing and other specific aspects.

When you view the footage back, a 1080p site security camera takes the guesswork out of surveillance. This is critical in worksites where there is low visibility or lighting, as some images may not register on cameras with less quality.

Some cameras will also allow you to digitally zoom, which means you can identify people with ease.

Dealing With The Elements

Many worksites are remote and dark. As such, it is important to consider a site security camera that boasts a night vision range of 10m or more. This ensures the cameras operate to their full capacity after the sun goes down and allows you to identify thieves with ease.

In addition, cameras used for external monitoring can be subject to a range of harsh weather conditions. That’s why it is crucial to select a camera that is weather-resistant, waterproof, and able to deal with extreme temperatures.

Remote Access

As most thefts occur when you are off-site—either at night or on the weekends—it is essential that you find a construction site security camera rental that has remote accessibility.

Remote access cameras allow you to view and monitor your live feed from another location, in real-time. You can also activate and deactivate the recording at your request and ensure that it is backed up onto your cloud device.

A surveillance camera with remote access also puts control back in your hands, by allowing you to assess whether your site is at risk from an unknown thief, or even someone from within your own team.

Automation Capability

Motion sensors are another consideration for site security cameras. This technology is common in the construction sector, as it only records information based on movements, which saves on storage space, and playback time.

Some advanced cameras come with motion detection systems, which means you can follow the perpetrator’s tracks through the construction site and follow their journey in real-time.

This is the ultimate deterrent to anyone who is seeking to steal or cause damage to your site.

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Ahoy Hire boasts a range of high-quality CCTV cameras, which will help stamp out any suspicious activity on your worksite.

Our cameras come with inbuilt lights and alarms, which means you can rely on our A-grade systems to catch would-be thieves.

Our cameras have night vision, remote accessibility and can be fitted to meet your needs. In addition, Ahoy Hire offers two-way audio functionality, which means you can communicate with any intruders or perpetrators in real-time.

If you would like Ahoy Hire’s site security cameras installed on your worksite, please contact us:

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For more information, please visit our section on portable on-site security cameras.

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