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A Guide To Deciding How Many Portable Toilets Per Person

Portaloos – the thrill of every event planner or site manager’s agenda.

It may not be the most glorious task, but ensuring your guests or staff have adequate access to toilet facilities should be at the top of your priority list. That includes understanding just how many porta potties per person you’ll require.

Before we look at how many people will be using the loos, it’s important to understand where and why they’ll be used. Everything from the duration of the event, to whether or not food and drink will be consumed will influence just how many portaloos will be needed.

We’ll step you through the key considerations to help you arrive at precisely how many portable toilets per person will be required.

How Many People Are There?

As a very general rule, we suggest hiring one portable toilet per 50 people. But this recommendation can change very quickly based on the factors detailed below.

You may have noticed that events with alcohol can prompt a larger toilet queue than those without. Likewise, a worksite that requires daily toilet access will have different demands.

Did you know that if the percentage of females attending the event exceeds 50%, it is advised that you increase the number of portaloos?

The criteria below will help you fine tune how many portable toilets per person, based on your unique needs.

What Do You Need A Portaloo For?

Construction Sites

Supplying adequate access to toilets on a work site is actually a worksite safety requirement. Fortunately, the National Construction Code of Australia outlines specifically how many porta potties per person a construction site require.

Bear in mind, it’s not just workers that will need to access the portaloos. Any visitors and guests will require access to a loo, too!

According to the code, worksites should have one toilet per twenty males, and one toilet per fifteen females. In the case of urinals, there should be one per twenty-five males.

Ideally sperate toilets should be provided for male and females in the workplace. This may feel excessive for small businesses. If the workplace typically contains 10 or less people, and there are two or less workers of one gender, then a single unisex toilet can suffice.

Events with Food and Alcohol

Without getting too explicit, it stands to reason that events with food and alcohol are going to increase the demand on you loos. Afterall – we all know that familiar sense of urgency once you get a few beers deep. For this reason, we advise upping your toilet ratio.

This will typically be the case for weddings, festivals, pop-up sites, sporting events – you name it.

A general rule is to increase your porta loo count by 30% if food and alcohol are going to be on site. However, this is very generalised and is worth discussing with your portaloo experts.

How Long Will They Be Needed?

Let’s say people use the bathroom every 3-4 hours. An event that runs over multiple days, such as a festival, will require a higher number of toilets to accommodate the ongoing demand. The same can be said for worksites where workers will require access throughout the day.

Other Considerations


By now you should have a pretty clear idea of how many portable toilets per person to order. But it’s important to make sure your toilets have catered to the needs of every guest – including those living with disability.

Disabled portable toilets ensure that no one gets stuck without access to a bathroom. Ahoy Hire is host to a premium fleet of disabled portable toilets specialised for event and worksite needs. These larger-than-usual toilets include a range of special features that make them easy-to-use and accessible for people with a range of disabilities.

When tallying your total number of portable toilets, remember to account for all access needs.


No matter how many portaloos you order, if they fall into a grim state, they’ll eventually go unused. Therefore, it’s just as important to ensure the quality of your portaloos is just as impeccable as the quantity. It might not seem like a big deal, but a poor toilet experience can quickly taint a guest or worker’s experience.

At Ahoy Hire, you can rest assured you’re receiving the cleanest portaloos available. Our fresh portaloos, equipped with holding tanks, are designed to be low-maintenance even during high use. And if something does go astray, we can be there in a jiffy to pump, clean or repair your portaloo.

If you’re ready to take the plunge with your toilet hire, you know where to find us. With over 15 years operating in the business, we know a thing or two about the portaloo. Our experts can discuss your specific needs to take the guess work out of just how many porta loos you need per person. Find out how.

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