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How Do Portable Toilets Get Emptied?

Have you ever wondered how a portable toilet gets emptied? What do you need to do to make sure your portable toilet is clean and ready for use? Portable toilets feature a holding tank so that they don’t require any connection to a sewer system. They are ideal for settings such as building sites, festivals and events. We explain how they work and the process for cleaning and emptying a portaloo.

How Does a Portable Toilet Work?

Almost everyone has used a portable toilet at some stage. They are the most popular option for providing bathrooms in places where connecting to a main sewer line isn’t possible, or when more toilets are required than the number of permanent solutions on site.

Portable toilets are available to hire for outdoor events, music festivals, and even weddings in remote locations. They are also commonly used on construction sites, where they can be used by builders and tradespeople and removed at the end of the job.

The functionality of a portable toilet is simple. They use many of the same components of a regular toilet, such as water and a flushing mechanism. Some units feature a handwashing tap, that uses water from a concealed tank within the structure.

However, while most toilets deposit waste into a sewer system and carry it away, a portable toilet features a holding tank that stores all waste until it is time for the unit to be emptied.

The holding tanks are filled with strong chemicals which break down waste and kill bacteria. This helps to control any unpleasant odours that may be coming out of the toilet; no one wants their event spoilt by smelly toilets! The chemicals ensure that the portaloo remains hygienic and ready for use over the course of the day, or however long the toilet is being used.

Portable toilet holding tanks are normally made of durable plastic, sturdy enough to withstand a rough day on site and a bumpy road of transportation. However, portable toilet units are also designed to be light enough to transport to different locations.

How Do You Empty a Portable Toilet?

Emptying a portable toilet can be a messy job, and it is best to leave it to the professionals. Luckily, Ahoy Hire offer a portable toilet cleaning and emptying service whenever you need one.

Emptying a portaloo involves pumping out the waste from the holding tank. This waste is then transported off site. Ahoy Hire use environmentally responsible waste management practices, including directly taking all waste to a council approved, EPA licensed wastewater processing facility.

When the holding tank is emptied, it is cleaned and refilled with fresh water.

Portable toilets do not need to be emptied on a daily basis. The frequency of emptying depends on the amount of people using the unit. Some settings, such as festivals, will have large number of people using the toilet several times during the day. In this scenario, the toilet will need to be emptied at the end of the day. However, when the toilet is being used by only one to three people, it can be used for a month before it needs an empty and clean.

Ahoy Hire’s official recommendations for portaloo emptying are as follows:

  • 1-3 people – empty monthly
  • 4-6 people – empty fortnightly
  • 6-12 people – empty weekly

For more than 12 people, you should speak to us to arrange more frequent cleaning.

How Do You Clean a Portable Toilet?

Cleaning a portaloo requires a chemical treatment that kills odours and bacteria, keeping the toilet unit clean and fresh for the next user. Toilets are completely disinfected so that they remain safe and hygienic at all times. This includes sterilising all surfaces (such as the toilet seat, handwashing station and toilet door) and using a chemical treatment on the holding tank.

Ahoy Hire uses a safe portable toilet chemical treatment that is conscious of the environment and does not contain formaldehyde deodorisers. Our treatment is approved by all relevant government bodies, unions and environmental groups.

Why Use Portable Toilets?

There are many advantages to using portable toilets. Access to bathroom facilities is fundamental and a requirement for anyone going to work or attending an event. When standard plumbed bathrooms are not available, portable toilets are the perfect solution. They can be quickly and easily installed on site and can be placed anywhere.

Additionally, portable toilets are clean, hygienic, and convenient to use for short periods of time.

When hiring portable toilets, be aware of how many you require to service the number of people. Remember that you may need frequent cleaning and emptying if the portaloos are going to be used a lot. If you do require an emergency portable toilet pump out, this can be arranged with Ahoy Hire.

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