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The Versatility of Portable Sheds

Portable sheds from Ahoy Hire aren’t just steel boxes – they are multi-functional, comfortable units with many quality features. When you hire a portable shed with us, you receive a high quality, structurally engineered space made with a Colourbond steel and featuring vinyl flooring, aluminium windows and a fully lockable door.

Our sheds are designed to maximise space, with accessibility and safety front of mind. Take advantage of complete insulation and air conditioning to keep you comfortable all year round. They even feature a kitchen and can come equipped with table and chairs for your convenience.

What Are Some Uses For Portable Sheds?

Our portable sheds are so versatile, you can use them for just about anything. We have been providing premium portable shed hire for businesses and individuals for years and we know how to work with you to ensure your portable shed will meet your needs.

Site Offices

Ahoy Hire has been involved in the building and construction industry for decades and we know how important it is to have access to a site office when working on a project. The site office is ground zero for a building site; it is where site managers work, where meetings are held, and when important site documentation is stored. Without a functioning space for a site office, a project cannot operate productively.

Portable site office sheds offer the perfect solution, able to be put in place quickly and used for the duration of a building project. They are comfortable for managers to work in and offer a secure lock up overnight.

Site Break Rooms and Kitchens

Builders and tradespeople working on site need a comfortable place to relax, eat lunch and unwind after a busy day on the tools. A portable shed offers a great solution for a site break room and kitchen. They come equipped with kitchen fit out so nothing extra needs to be sourced. Available in a large 6m x 2.4m size, they offer enough room for several people to sit down. Additionally, with insulation and air conditioning, they offer workers the opportunity to get out of the elements.


Does your workforce need a secure and comfortable place to change in and out of uniforms or other work gear? A portable shed is perfect as a changing room, offering privacy and a fully lockable space where employees can store their belongings and get changed at the beginning and end of the day. The contemporary and ergonomic design means everyone can change comfortably without the risk of bumping into walls and ceilings.

Home Offices

If you have attempted to work from home at your kitchen table, you know how difficult combining work and home life can be. A portable shed home office solution is ideal for busy professionals who want the convenience of working from home, while maintaining some distance from their personal and family life. A home office can be installed in your backyard or other available space and create a separate area for work. Attend virtual meetings, take phone calls, answer emails and more from the comfort of a climate controlled dedicated workspace.

Studio Spaces

If you’re an artist or other creator looking to get the creative juices flowing in your own home studio, a portable site office is just what you need. Keep all your tools and works safe and secure in a clean and separate space that’s only for you. It’s perfect for painters, photographers, musicians, writers and more. You can lock up your belongings to keep them safe when you’re away, and enjoy the ergonomically designed space that allows you the freedom to create.

Beauty Businesses

Do you run a tanning salon, hairdresser or other beauty business from the comfort of home? Inviting clients into your house may feel unprofessional or unsafe, but a portable shed gives you the degree of separation you need to run a competent business. Set up in your backyard with everything you need to make clients feel beautiful. With the freedom to customise and decorate the space how you wish, you can create your own ideal beauty parlour in your own ‘she shed’ without the overheads.

Health Businesses

Massage therapists, chiropractors and personal trainers have the perfect place to operate when they use a portable shed. The fully insulated space will keep your clients comfortable, while the contemporary design perfectly suits a modern and innovative health practitioner. Setting up in your backyard ensures an easy commute to work and a convenient location for your clients.

Storage Spaces

If you need extra room, a portable shed is the ideal solution. Store valuables and electricals in this safe and secure place which won’t be affected by weather, damp, or animal intruders! If you’re storing stock for your business or personal belongings, a portable shed will keep your things safe until you need them.

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