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How Do Site Sheds Get Delivered?

If you have ordered a site shed for delivery, you need to know the detail of how your shed will arrive and what you need to do to prepare. Ahoy Hire offers a streamlined and simple delivery service that makes getting a site shed delivered to any building or construction site easy. We answer any questions you may have about site shed delivery below.

What Is The Process For Hiring A Site Shed?

To hire a site shed from Ahoy Hire, simply get in touch with us to request a quote. Our friendly team will assist you to work out your exact requirements and tailor a package to suit you. We will get to know what kind of site shed will best suit your needs, any optional extras you may benefit from, and the dates and timing of your project. From here, we will promptly provide a comprehensive quote that is competitively priced.

How Will My Site Shed Be Delivered?

We will liaise with you prior to your site shed delivery day to ensure everything is in order for your shed to be delivered. Our premium site sheds are delivered fully intact and ready to go. They will normally come on a 9m long tray truck with crane, which will require access to site for the delivery. The truck needs to be able to get relatively close to the final position of your site shed to place it correctly. Our experienced delivery drivers have tools that allow us to use leverage bars and rollers to shift the shed into place.

We require you as the customer to be on site to meet the delivery vehicle, direct the driver, and indicate where you would like the site shed to be located.

Once unloaded, the site shed will be blocked and levelled by our team to ensure it is secure and safe for use. We take care of the labour so that you can concentrate on running your building site or getting on with your other responsibilities.

Delivery times may change occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances. We will always communicate clearly and promptly with you.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For Delivery?

There are some simple things that you can do to ensure a smooth and easy delivery of your site shed.

Always make sure that someone will be present on site for the time of delivery. We will give our delivery drivers your contact number – or another number that you specify – so that we can keep in communication with you and let you know of any delays.

Plan ahead by choosing the location where you would like your site shed to be placed. Make sure that there is no equipment, personal belongings, rubbish or anything else on your chosen spot. This will save time when we need to be placing the site shed.

We understand how busy and crowded building sites can be. Try to minimise obstructions for our trucks delivering the site sheds by moving any non-essential equipment and creating a clear path for our drivers.

Advantages Of Using A Multi-Functional Site Shed

Ahoy Hire offer portable site offices and sheds that can be used for many different purposes, from an office on a busy building site to a home business space in your own backyard.

The advantage of site sheds is that they are completely independent of any existing structures and don’t rely on plumbing, electricity or engineered foundations. They can be placed anywhere you like, for however long suits your needs. When it’s time for you to remove the site shed, the area can be restored to whatever it was originally with minimal time and effort.

Site sheds used to be corrugated iron hot boxes with no amenities or comfort. But the site sheds from Ahoy Hire are modern, stylish and designed to offer maximum comfort and convenience to the user. Featuring contemporary design, full insulation, air conditioning, aluminium windows and a certified, structurally engineered steel frame, our site sheds are perfect whether you need to use them for a week or for months.

Our site sheds also come with the option of included kitchen amenities, with tables and chairs, so you have everything you need to stay fed and hydrated during the day and to rest and relax in between hard work.

Uses For Site Sheds

Our comfortable and convenient site sheds are a blank slate for you to use in whatever way works best for you and your business operations.

Hiring a site office is a necessity on a building site, where complex logistics need to be managed in a convenient and central location.

Site sheds can also be used as meeting rooms, changing rooms, lunchrooms, first aid stations and more. Their versatile interiors allow them to be easily converted into anything you require, while still providing a comfortable and modern space.

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