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Portable Toilet Hire Melbourne – Price and Cost

Looking for portable toilet hire Melbourne prices?

Ahoy Hire can provide a range of portable toilets to suit a variety of needs. Whether you are hiring toilet blocks for your construction site, a concert, a function or anything else, we can offer clean, ergonomic and ventilated cubicles.

Our hire periods are flexible, and we also offer emergency on-site pump and clean services whenever you need it. Our toilets will always arrive completely cleaned and sanitised.

Our high-quality temporary toilets’ features include:

  • Non-slip floors for safety
  • Ergonomic design and layout for comfort and function
  • Hand basins
  • State-of-the-art chemical flush for the ultimate in hygiene
  • Sturdy doors that lock for user privacy
  • Detachable male and female signs
  • Ventilation for comfort and freshness
  • Perfect for a range of situations, from construction sites and events, through to weddings, renovations and more
  • ffordable rental cost

How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need?

There are several factors that help to determine the number of portable toilets that you need to hire, but as a very general rule we suggest one portable toilet per 50 people. This can change depending on the context in which the toilets will be used.

If you are hiring portable toilets for an event like a concert or festival, then your patrons will likely be eating and drinking a lot, and possibly even consuming alcohol. In this case you might need to hire a higher number of toilets in order to meet the demand created.

For construction sites, the National Construction Code of Australia suggests that worksites should have one toilet per twenty males and one toilet per fifteen females. It is also suggested that an accessible toilet be made available on-site in addition to the standard portable toilets.

Ahoy Hire temporary power pole and portable toilet

How Much Does Hiring Portable Toilets Cost?

As each construction site and  event are very different from one another it is difficult to provide a flat rate for our toilet hire.

The following factors will influence the price that you are quoted for:

  • Location
  • Construction site vs event
  • Number of people using the toilets
  • The gender of those using the toilets
  • How long the toilets are needed

When you make an inquiry with us we will calculate the total expected cost and provide you with a quote according to the above information.

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If you are looking for portable toilets that are clean, convenient and affordable then get in touch with us today. With 24/7 emergency on-site pump and clean services, a premium ergonomic design and flexible hiring periods, Ahoy Hire is the best option for portable toilet hire in Melbourne.

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