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AHOY HIRE - Construction and Event Equipment Hire in Melbourne

Hire Equipment

Ahoy Hire Temporary fence in Mount Waverly

Temporary Fencing

Suitable for use on domestic and commercial construction sites, demolition sites, civil construction sites, sporting events, swimming pools, concerts and other public events.

Ahoy Hire temporary fence around a property

Wooden Crossovers

Protect driveways and footpaths from heavy vehicle traffic during construction with Ahoy Hire crossovers. Competitively priced and easy to install.

Unload portable toilet

Portable Toilets and Ablution Blocks

Ahoy Hire is here to do all the messy work and provide you with fresh and clean portable toilet hire suitable for any occasion.

Ahoy Hire Rubbish Cage

Rubbish Cages

Each job site or occasion requires a different means of waste disposal. Rubbish Cages are the affordable alternative to skip bins.

Ahoy Hire Portable Office

Portable Site Offices

Offering temporary multi-purpose site office, meeting room, change room, lunchroom or first aid station, Ahoy Hire portable sheds are modern, cost effective, durable and stylish.

Ahoy Hire Temporary Power Pole and Portable Toilet

Temporary Power Poles

Whether it’s for a domestic renovation or a large-scale building project, our builders pole hire will ensure you have constant, reliable access to power.

Construction Camera

Portable On-Site Security Cameras

We offer state-of-the-art construction site security camera rentals to help protect your building site and prevent you from having to start back at square one in the case of something going wrong.


Ahoy Hire temporary fence in Braybrook

Emergency Temporary Fencing

Ahoy Hire provides emergency temporary fencing and make-safe fencing around the clock, 7 days a week. Our services extend to all of Greater Melbourne area.

Ahoy Hire - Pump and Clean service

Pump and Clean

Ahoy Hire offers competitively priced, scheduled and on-demand, on-site portable toilet pump and clean servicing throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

Ahoy Hire portable toilet

Emergency Toilets

Servicing the needs of commercial builders, domestic and owner builders, civil construction, concerts, events and private functions, all our toilets are maintained in excellent condition and available any day or night.

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What Our clients say

Maricris Saguin


We just recently hire fence with AHOY and we deal with William a top bloke. He is very accommodating, easy to deal with and even exceeds our expectations as he do the job beyond business hours. Amazing company with amazing people. Definitely will use them again on our next project.

About Us

With over 37 years in the building and construction industry Ahoy Hire are the builder’s choice for construction site hire equipment. Family owned and operated for over 10 years, Ahoy Hire offer prompt, competitive, temporary site solutions for commercial constructions, residential builders, landscapers, event organisers and owner builders.


Servicing the Victorian construction industry for over 10 years

Ahoy Hire is a Melbourne based company that has all of your building, construction and event hire needs in a one stop shop.
A Greater Melbourne based company that offers Temporary fencing, portable toilets, skip bins, temporary power poles, rubbish site cages, pump and clean services, and office site sheds all for hire.

We Offer the Best

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Ahoy Hire provides emergency temporary fencing and make-safe temporary fencing hire around the clock, 7 days a week.

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Ahoy Hire offers competitively priced, scheduled and on demand, on-site porta-loo pumping and cleaning throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

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Ahoy Hire is committed to responsible environmental management, resource recovery and waste recycling methods which preserve our environment.

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Ahoy Hire offers competitively priced, scheduled and on-demand services throughout metropolitan Melbourne.

Protecting your most valuable assets has never been so affordable.

For the month of August, Ahoy Hire has a special offer available. For the low price of $330 per month (plus $200 delivery and pickup in metropolitan Melbourne), you can snap up our dual 135 degree cameras for your construction site or property.

Call us now on 0413 477 360 to arrange delivery.